42 Words: Nene Park

Along with 9 other artists in Peterborough, I was invited to participate in Nene Park Trust’s 42words project, highlighting the important role played by green spaces over the UK’s ‘lockdown’ period

My Four Greens

In 2019 I was a recipient of the Arts Council’s developing your creative practice. I worked on a self initiated project interested in themes of care and curiosity in relation to overlooked green spaces.

GAZE: Feminist RISO Zine for Peterborough

Between 2019 – 20 I worked to support the brilliant Amanda Rigby of Paper Rhino develop and realise a series of 4 feminist RISO zine’s for Peterborough: GAZE!

Ghost Playgrounds

A creative project exploring past, present and potential futures of Bretton’s GHOST PLAYGROUNDS.

Wander With

A wandering ‘walkshop’ with card-based prompts which invite you to give attention to, and ask questions about, different elements within everyday the urban environment. You are invited to share observations with fellow walkers whilst you wander: “we help each other to see”. Wanders and cards are tailored made for specific situations.


Stories around place are slippery.
You pick a start and end point, key coordinates, omitting others along the way, to create a story.
Those with power get to set those stories, more often that not.
Those with reach.


Monthly community show and tell event, where people share interests, knowledge and skills. Taking place at a new local venue each time

Central Park Wanders

A series of co-produced themed monthly wanders around Central Park Peterborough led by residents with different expertise and interests

Bretton Greens

An exploratory project that sought to unearth, make visible and celebrate points of interest in Bretton, Peterborough and to develop interventions in response to what was discovered


Co-imagine: an exhibition and associated outreach programme curated in response to a proposed redevelopment of Peckham Rye Station Gateway


A series of creative workshops designed for children and young people on the Pelican estate

Warsaw – London

A 3 day learning trip designed for Architects, City planners and Sociologists coming from Warsaw to London, wanting to build upon their approaches to participatory planning and working with communities

Connections in Common

A concept for a living (digital) community asset map

Participatory Budgeting

Ongoing research project into Participatory Budgeting as a means to empower communities to have a tangible say in how their places develop

Models for collaborative, inclusive governance

Ongoing research project into models of collaborative governance models

Crap Ads for Urban Re-developments

Blog I founded composed of photographs I took whilst cycling around London showing aspirational, crass property development advertisements in London