Warsaw – London

Project site: Warsaw-London Learning

Organised and delivered a community engagement learning trip for Architects, City planners and Sociologists coming from Warsaw to London.

Wanting to build upon their approaches to participatory planning, I arranged for us to meet with architects, councils, planners, BIDs, community activists and academics of whom I considered to modelling best practice and/or innovating at the time, in the city of London.

We heard from a ‘co-creation’ neighbourhood project led by Sustrans, which was around local people designing and installing small scale public interventions in their local area of Peckham, with a view to encouraging more east-west travel.

We met with Mapify a community engagement and tech start-up pioneering ways of making community networks more visible (with a view to greater protection of such in the context of regeneration).

Glass-house community-led design talked us through methods of asset mapping with communities .

We spoke with academics working in a department of UCL where students were assigned ‘live projects’ to work on – supporting underfunded community groups, such a Neighbourhood Forums, helping them to prepare planning documents.

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