My Four Greens

In 2019 I was a recipient of the Arts Council’s developing your creative practice.

I worked on a self initiated project interested in themes of care and curiosity in relation to green spaces.

I chose to focus on the 4 green spaces that surrounded where I lived at the time, in Eastfield, Peterborough.
Some that actively receive a lot of care, others that do not.
Some that are full of overt curiosities, others that are not.

The project evolved to include work around my own mental health (recovery) in relation to green space.

It evolved to include a creative evaluation of the everyday features found in these spaces.

You can view a selection of pages from the zine below. If you would like to get a copy please get in touch!

Thanks to everyone who supported me through this project, and specifically artists-friends mentors: Kate Genever, Matt Booker and Ryan Smith and thanks to Mark Richards, Ellie Shipman, Sandra Keating for advice and thoughts. Thanks also to Metal Southend for hosting me as resident Artist, where I produced a trial version of this zine, using the same approach and focus.

And big thanks to the Arts Council of England.

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