Creative collaborators: Mary YacoobShaun McDowellMolly Rose ButtCupboard CollectiveBenedict O’LooneyLucy CarruthersGrace Adam, Rob Szynal, Abbie VickressPeckham Vision and The Spectacle.
Project site: Co-imagine

An exhibition and associated outreach programme that I curated in response to a proposed redevelopment of Peckham Rye Station Gateway, aiming to raise greater awareness of plans.

Creative practice was employed to provide more accessible and engaging entrances into the debate and peoples participation in the official ‘co-design’ consultation process.

Local Artists, Designers, community activists were invited to put forward their imagined vision of Peckham Rye Station, to be exhibited at the Bussey Building. Each contribution picked up on differing themes: the sites history, the need to consider rising water levels in all developments, and the arguably tokenistic nature of consultation itself (even if re-branded ‘co-design’).

Alongside a documentary was screened which had been tracking the regeneration process to date and a series of talks took places – by local activists and architects – all which looked to provide contextual information to the more abstract art works.

Businesses occupying the site were all engaged in advance of the event and invited to contribute their opinions.

The exhibition was covered by the Guardian & the project sat within the context of my Masters Research Project at the Bartlett, UCL. 

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