Bretton Greens

Creative collaborators: Isabella Martin, David Radley, Gareth Lorman, Eleanor Shipman, George Lovesmith, Kate Mcclean, Samantha Penn, Keely Mills, Pete Cox, Anita Nayyar and Charley Genever
Project Site: Bretton Greens

A collaborative project that went on a discovery journey to unearth points of interest in the local area in Bretton, Peterborough, with local people and to develop interventions in response to what was found.

Lasting 6 months and composed of walks, workshops and fun days, led by artists and creative practitioners of which I curated.

The first stage was a series of creative walks that looked to unearth histories, stories, points of beauty and desire for change. This included a smell walk, poetry walk and memory walk.

The second stage was a series of design workshops themed around colour & gardening, play & public space and making homes for birds – led by experts in the field of horticulture, public art and ‘DIY’. These workshops were hosted at schools, care homes, and community centres. During workshops residents were briefed with coming up with ideas for intervention and following a public vote at a community festival 3 ideas were realised and installed by local people.

Interventions included a colourful community garden, positioned at the back of the local pub; a community bird box designed site-specifically for a local school and a floor mural on the site of a former paddling pool.

To conclude the project a designer – Eleanor Shipman – was engaged to create an annotated map of the area which showed the interventions, stories unearthed, as well as the communities physical assets and the groups that meet and where.