Tweet Tweet: my bird watching podcast

Taking up the most predictable hobby over lock down: bird watching, I decided to make a podcast, spurred on by a best friend Ellie, to make a podcast to document my journey into it!

I made a rule not to google anything about it and learn by doing and through talking to people I happened upon whilst out and about and through chatting with and interviewing friends and more.

All of the episodes were recorded at different sites in the greater Peterborough area: Dog Star Nature Reserve, Stanground Wash, Old Sulehay Forest, Swaddywell Pit and Uffington.

Happy listening.

Tweet tweet.
(Note it is quite terribly edited, mostly silly, and the first 2 episodes are recorded without a windshield!)

Episode 1: Tweet Tweet

Episode 2 Swaddy Well

Episode 3 Grace and Old Sulehay Forest

Episode 4 Peter And Stanground

Episode 5 Kate And Uffington

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