Care and Curiosity in green spaces

This year I have been making more time and space to develop my own creative practice as an artist – rather than producer.

My focus has been around how you cultivate more care and curiosity in green space.

Methods have included unearthing and making visible interesting past histories and present usages and users of spaces.

Visually articulating the mental health benefits I experience when being in and more in touch with green (and blue) spaces.

In terms of care: I have been documenting peoples acts onto care to spaces and performing my own ‘Enactments of Care’.

More soon.

Act of Care Part 1.

An exercise in colour: deep purple viola wrap the base of the orange, large flaked rubber esque bark covered Wellingtonia tree on Burghley Square.

The tree and orange bark being a visual bringer of joy to some residents spoken with: this an act to make the asset, for visible, for the joy experienced by more
: The purple acting to draw attention to the orange.

are you trying to steal the tree?

Are you one of them urban gardeners? Good for you

it looks like a wedding ring

Four months on, it is the green of the bark and the green underfoot that really speaks —

Act of Care Part 2.

Repairing a forlorn, endearing piece of play equipment in Stanley Rec play park, Peterborough

The only piece in the park with character, a story: a hob on the ground floor, ship’s steer on the first.

The rest identikit pieces, out of a catalogue not unique to this park, nor to Peterborough

Well used and love by children past and present; it is due to be removed by the council…

The paint used: linseed oil based, organics, compostable toy safe.

Coincidentally – the name sake of the park, Stanley, of whose’ estate the land once belonged won an award at the Great Exhibition in 1851 for an agricultural implement:
A linseed crusher.

“To remove it would be to cut people off from their childhood”

“keep up the good work!”

[thumbs up] “Good job. You painting it?”

— Before and After
Paint the blue sections next??

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